We offer the expertise and knowledge needed for you to obtain your own Wholesale Dealer License. 

Satisfying customers from New York to California takes efficient, knowledgeable, professional services; here's what we can do for you:
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  • Obtain Your Wholesale Dealer License
  • Offer Retail Referral Options
  • Supply Unsurpassed Support
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National Auction Services is your #1 source for your own Dealer License.  We include guarantees to each of our clients, retail referral options and unrivaled support:
Guaranteed License Approval
Dealer Plates
Easy Insurance and Bonding
Best Retail Referral Options
Most Industry Knowledge
20 Years Titling Experience
Highest Level Customer Support
Customer Referral Program
Your OWN dealer license and dealer plates that will allow you access to ANY dealer auction in the nation! 

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We will refer you to a Retail dealer that will facilitate the sale quickly and easily.  No per car transaction fees.
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Want to export vehicles?  This is your best license option.  No export only rules and pay no sales tax when buying.

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